About Us

Our History

The Eastport Port Authority was established by act of Maine State Legislature in 1977.    

In, 1981 the first shipment of kraft pulp from Georgia-Pacific Mill in Baileyville was loaded across the Eastport Breakwater onto MV RAVENSWOOD bound for Montrose, Scotland.  Thus began the partnerships between the Eastport Port Authority, Federal Marine Terminals and the mill in Baileyville, Maine which is now Woodland Pulp & Paper.  To date, over 8 million metric tons of pulp has been exported through the Port of Eastport from “The Mill”.   Other cargoes have included logs, rolled paper, windmill blades, cattle and various other project loads.  


Board of Directors

The original Port Authority Charter specified that the board was to be composed of seven members: four elected members, the city manager of Eastport, the president of the Eastport city council, and a member of the Eastport Chamber of Commerce.   The first members elected to the Eastport Port Authority Board of Directors were Walter Coe, Harold Keezer, Merrill Conti and Harry Richardson.  The three appointed members were Everett Baxter as City Manager, Gil Murphy as City Council President and Robert Burr as Chamber of Commerce representative.  As part of the 1993 revision of the charter, a representative appointed by the Maine Department of Transportation Replaced the Chamber of Commerce representative.

Executive Director, Chris Gardner

Board of Directors:

  • Gilbert Murphy, Elected
  • Dean Pike, Elected
  • Earl Small, Elected
  • Greg Gordon, Elected
  • Robert Peacock, MDOT Representative 
  • William Boone, Chair of City Council
  • Kate Devonshire, Eastport City Manager