Cargo Management

Deleted: Federal Marine Terminals, Inc. (FMT) is in the business of cargo management. We pride ourselves on fast, efficient, and damage-free handling of every type of cargo at our U.S. and Canadian terminals. At FMT, we have expertise in the handling of all types of steel products, project cargoes, containers, forest products, agricultural products, frozen foods, automobiles, and various dry and liquid bulk commodities. We have developed a stevedoring system that uses state-of-the-art proprietary software to track cargo while it is in our care and custody. We boast a well-trained, safety-oriented labor force operating modern cranes, equipment, and gear to provide high-quality stevedoring services for your cargo.

The Northeastern Longshoreman’s Association, NELA Local No. 1, works with FMT to achieve productivity on products such as wood pulp, which exceeds 800 tons per gang hour on multi-lift vessels.

Our local trucking companies work day and night to provide reliable transportation. All employees work diligently and safely to ensure the best production possible.

Ship Husbandry and Boarding Agent Services

The Eastport Port Authority can provide Eastport-based Husbandry and Boarding Agent Services.


Federal Marine Terminals

Facility Security

Tommy Critchley, FSO Estes Head Cargo Terminal

Christopher Gardner, FSO Eastport Breakwater

Piloting Service

The Port of Eastport is served by two outstanding Piloting Services, Eastport Pilots and Quoddy Pilots USA. Both operations have the experience and expertise to safely guide your vessel in and out of the Port of Eastport.

Captain Morrison and Captain Peacock are both proud Maine Maritime Academy graduates with several years experience piloting many various vessels of type and size to include cargo vessels, supertankers and military vessels. Between the two, Captain Morrison and Peacock have proudly serviced the Port of Eastport for decades. As a result, although this service is not one under the auspices of the Eastport Port Authority, if needed, we are willing to assist in communication to facilitate your needs. Visit the Maine Pilotage Commission for more information.