Breakwater Terminal

First built in 1962 the iconic Eastport Breakwater went through a rebuild and expansion in 2017. Located in the heart of Eastport’s historic downtown, the Breakwater serves as a centerpiece for the area’s commercial fishing and tourism economy boasting some of the best mackerel fishing in all of Maine.

Being mere steps from the downtown area and with a draft exceeding 40 feet, the Breakwater serves as the perfect pier for welcoming the growing cruise ship industry on the coast of Maine. Being able to offer direct tie up and a full array of support services, Eastport has fast become a favorite visit for the small to midsized cruise industry. And perhaps as the facilities most favorite of guests, each 4th of July, with very rare exception, the Breakwater hosts the United States Navy as part of Eastport’s world famous 4th of July celebration.

The facility itself is a 100×400 ft concrete pier that also offers a unique year-round safe harbor opportunity to area vessels that cannot be found anywhere else on the localized Maine Coast. The facility offers direct tie up in a marina like setting while enjoying the safe harbor protection of the pier that shields the entire fleet from “most” of the adverse sea conditions. The facility, combined with the adjacent commercial fish pier, also provides up to three different cargo cranes for commercial fishing cargo loading and offloading year round. Harbor users also enjoy online remote access to the security monitoring system of the facility allowing them to view their vessels from anywhere in the world via the internet portal. As one can imagine the demand for these facilities can at time exceed availability and as such any area commercial fishing vessels interested in space should contact the Port Authority Office to first apply for a berth.

Estes Head Terminal

Built in 1998 with a naturally occurring mlw draft of 65 feet, the Estes Head Cargo holds the distinction of being the deepest natural seaport in the continental United States. With a 635ft pier and tie off dolphins in the 900 foot range and zero air draft restrictions, the facility can host the vast majority of cargo vessels on the ocean today.

Accompanying the pier at Estes Head is 133K sq ft of dry warehouse storage and a state of the art bulk materials handling system. The system, completed in 2013 as part of a 10 million dollar port expansion, is anchored by a 7 acre open storage pad with additional acerage available for future expansion. Adding to this is the automated conveying system that runs direct from storage to ship loading. The system is capable of 1000 tons per hour loading rate dependent on density. The facility also has modern receiving and truck weighing capabilities.

With all of its infrastructure and investments, Estes Head has been one of the fastest growing ports on the East Coast and is known worldwide for its labor force and loading rates.